Go Vols

I’m sure he could do any logo you wanted but I have to say I am partial to these:

pistol power T

shotgun power T

Make my gun bad ass please

Not a huge fan of pink but I dig this

wrong girl


Spotted in Sharps Chapel


This ain’t no bear, check out the tail. Photo taken by a game camera. Wildlife officials in TN say there are no black panthers in our area. When you call to report a sighting they snigger, someone I know responded to such contempt by stating ‘well it won’t matter if I shoot it then’ and the official stated flatly, ‘don’t kill my cats.’ HMMM

Point of reference, this is Union County in TN

union co in state map


Sexy camo shoe I want to welcome everyone interested in what may be a panther lurking in the woods around East Tennessee. Please feel free to leave a comment, I am interested in your interest. Leighc2014