Quote of the day

Actually, several:

Prayer is the best way to meet the Lord…Trespassing is faster

Warning: Due to the price increase of ammunition, DO NOT expect a warning shot

Warning: If you can read this (insert scope view) you are in range

Guns are welcome on premises: please keep weapons holstered unless need arises, in such case judicious marksmanship is appreciated.

dressed up

red white blue helment





We are currently in the midst of several projects that we hope to one day make profitable. The first house we owned together is now vacant except for a few pieces of furniture and other assorted ‘we must not have needed it’ things. We lived in that house since August 2002 and it only ever had one coat of new paint. That is about to change. The old fashioned leftovers from the 70’s were mostly redone over the years…except the ceiling. It is a huge and messy process but the living room, hall and main bathroom ceilings have been scrapped of that ugly popcorn stuff. We still need a few layers of sheet-rock repairs then we’ll be ready to scrub the kitchen and dining area. When this is complete we will go back with a modern day ‘knock-down’ look. That is just the beginning, however the last time the world’s best husband was actually working in the back yard he discovered for the first time…blackberries!blackberries at CW 5-14

He is thrilled beyond description. We also have two mulberry trees in the back yard.

On to the next project, this only profitable for our enjoyment. When the renovations areĀ  complete on the other house we hope to find someone who will love it and care for it and pay rent.

So, we have been landscaping at the ‘resort house’.