If we ever get chickens

and we’ve talked about it. This is a must, to protect them from the hawks, foxes and coyotes

chicken run


I was wrong

So very wrong too.

That little feral cat I said was female…is all boy.

Cut me a little slack, it’s hard to determine the gender of a wild animal.

The little thing is very sweet and every day gets a little more comfortable with me. He will even tolerate Ginger briefly.

A woman admitting she was wrong may just break the internet. If so I apologize 🙂

My girls

For twelve years, The World’s Best Husband, and I had two male dogs. Our plan was to be ‘pet-less’ when one day we didn’t have the dogs any longer. This way we could be free to take off to the woods whenever we liked without having to worry about getting a dog sitter.

The best laid plans…

When my mother got married earlier this year we inherited her little dog, Ginger. Funny looking little thing but absolutely precious and highly intelligent

ginger sitting up