Camping 4-25-15

My husband and I took one of our nieces camping this weekend. It was the first time she’s got to actually shoot a multitude of weapons.

Here are she is with a .308 (not pictured is her with my 9 mm and his .45)

308 1

Then she has a go with my little Mossburg

shot 1 w.22

Then she gets a real lesson, the AK-47

getting familiar with AK learning the AK more comfortable AK

Then we get a turn

me w AK him w AK

She wanted to see the local flora

Here are a pair of wild Tennessee Orchids and a ordinary shelf fungus

wild TN orchids shelf fungus

and last, she wanted to see some wildlife, this was all I could come up with


On the way home on the last day we drove up to Bald River Falls

Bald River Falls Rocks over road

Great Weekend!

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