My girls

For twelve years, The World’s Best Husband, and I had two male dogs. Our plan was to be ‘pet-less’ when one day we didn’t have the dogs any longer. This way we could be free to take off to the woods whenever we liked without having to worry about getting a dog sitter.

The best laid plans…

When my mother got married earlier this year we inherited her little dog, Ginger. Funny looking little thing but absolutely precious and highly intelligent

ginger sitting up

For several months before Mom moved out of the house she saw a black feral cat prowling around and sleeping on the front porch. The Worlds Best Husband and I saw this creature a few times and anytime Ginger saw it, the chase was on!

On the Saturday before Bailey died I was sitting on the back patio enjoying a cup of coffee when I hear the loudest ‘meow’ ever. I turned and see this crazy black cat walking slowly toward me. Within a short time this cat is in my lap!

After a full day of playing I tried to introduce Bailey and Ginger to this cat. At this point I was unsure of cat’s sex. Bailey couldn’t hear so did not obey and tried to chase the cat (even though he could barely walk). The cat simply jumped up to the counter easily out of the dogs reach. Ginger, on the other hand, understood perfectly and laid down on her paws.

Each day the cat’s visit lasted just a little longer before it would sleek back into the woods. Now it is here around the clock, greeting me in the mornings before work and waiting for me when I return. It tolerates The World’s Best Husband and doesn’t run from Ginger anymore.

I’m truly blessed. I feel God knew what was coming with my Bailey and softened the blow by giving me something new to love.

Here are some pictures of My Girls.

Kit on Ginger's Rock

Kit on Ginger’s Rock

I couldn’t decide on a name for the cat. At first, before I determined it is female, I was going to call it either Boris or Natasha, because it was constantly spying on me :). I’m not sure why, but it answers to Kit or Kits. Not very creative.

Cat's will lay anywhere

Cat’s will lay anywhere

Feral Cat Fail!

Feral Cat Fail!

My girl Ginger, loves to go. I was unloading the QX yesterday afternoon and found her so incredibly ready to go, she was willing to drive!

ready to go close up

So now you have met My Girls.


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