Fish Pond Before and After

There are a lot of pictures in this post

This is what the pond looked like when we first moved in:


Waterfall dry, pond brown

fish pond 4

Aquarium aerators used to get oxygen to fish


happy fish

Happy fish!

The story of how it went from ucky to wow below the fold

The worlds best husband starts draining the water level so the fish are easier to catch, they have a special pool set up over to the side.

Then, the worlds best husband puts on his waders:

wadders ready

and starts pressure washing and using a scrub brush as the water drains:

pressure washing begins   working the waterfall w brush

working the waterfall  starting

The water is low enough at this point to start catching fish. We have 6, here they are netted and inserted into their temporary home:

their temp home

first fish of the day  first fish of the day in temp home

second fist of the day   then there were two

third fish of the day  threes company

fourth fish of the day  then there were four

fifth fish of the day  five together

sixth fish of the day - the black one   back together

Now for the nastiness  (in no particular order):

pond floor on one side - ick  coming around the front

pressure washing without fish  drained even more - ick

day 2 beginning  the muck is not winning

the muck is putting in a hard fight  almost to the bottom w Ginger

partly drained  pressure washing begins

Final product:

loving the waterfall  clean and beautiful

cleaned pond from top deck  right side clean

happy fish

Through all of this, this is how I helped:

this is how I cleaned the pond







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