The Saturday after the wedding we decided to just be tourist in  Chattanooga. It was a great decision.

The day started with a round of disc golf. Husband, blood brother, new brother and me.

Blood brother arranged a meet-up with one of the wedding guests who is a dear friend of us all. Since blood brother worked in downtown Chattanooga in a previous life, he wanted us to gather at that restaurant. The five of us were joined by the newlyweds. After lunch we strolled downtown (minus wedding guest who had to get home), in no hurry, stopping at a pub every-so often for cool down beer.

Some of the sights along the way:

The Native American Art doesn’t show well here but it is fascinating if you ever get the chance…

tourist 4 cherokee

Riverboat, Chattanooga has lots!:

tourist 5 delta queen

Blood brother, new brother and me (the walking bridge):

tourist 6 brother

It was prom day for many. The boys were obsessed with this:

tourist 10


tourist 11

So totally worth it! Husband and I have plans to returns at the end of May when the newlyweds return from Australia for new sister and new brother-in-laws anniversary.

More later.





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