Friday, April 25th 2014 my family practically doubled in size!

The weather forecasters predicted rain and were right. Thankfully the rains moved out of the area before most folks had even gotten out of bed! Washed away most of the pollen.

Husband left super early to pick up youngest brother at Atlanta Airport. Mom and I head downtown Chattanooga to get our hair and makeup done for the big event. First we had lunch at Tupelo Honey Cafe then over to Warehouse Row. Mom had just sat in the stylists chair when  my new sister joined us. After our hair was sculpted, teased, sprayed and finally perfected we went to get our makeup. All the ladies we worked with were professional and fun. An excellent experience.

Next on the agenda was photo’s for the groom’s side while I helped mom get into her dress. She looked radiant. That was the first time I dropped a tear knowing full well more would follow. We shared a champagne toast (Mom, me, brother and my husband) then it was out turn for pictures.

Now keep in mind the groom is a retired NASA engineer as I continue my story.

The groom’s best man is also his grandson. They walk down the aisle with the minister while the rest of us wait inside the clubhouse. Mom meets her newest son while we waited for the music to change.

Next down the aisle were the grooms children, my new brother and sister. Then J (my brother) and I escort Mom together. The minister says a few things then asks the question, “who gives this woman?” I answer, “we do,” and J states, “her children.” He doesn’t immediately release her hand causing the crowd to giggle.

The rings are exchanged, the minister reminds the groom he is making his vow to the bride, not him :-). Then, this is one of my favorite parts, the bride and groom kneel at a prayer bench and the wedding party changes sides and are joined by our spouses and granddaughter. We place our hands on the backs and shoulders of the happy couple and share a moment of silent prayer. The minister concludes the silent prayer, the spouses and granddaughter return to their chairs and the rest of us go back to our original sides of the aisle.

This is my other favorite part. The minister pronounces the couple married and invites the groom to kiss his bride. The DJ’s timing was impeccable, when the minister introduces the couple the next thing we hear over the loud speakers is: “Initiating countdown in 6,5,4,3,2,1…shuttle takeoff then the theme to space odyssey! It was a huge surprise and absolutely perfect.

Overall it was a perfect day. I absolutely love love love my new family. I don’t remember my mother ever looking happier. It was a weekend none of us will ever forget. I’ll have more on that later.

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