I interact with people all day long (when I would rather be out in the woods) who have no idea the vulnerabilities we face. I’m not speaking simply of a zombie apocalypse but something as simple as nature and your vehicle dying.  Every morning before I leave for my ‘professional job’ I take a warm change of clothes, rugged boots, hat, gloves, things of this nature just in case I have to walk some distance if my vehicle becomes disabled. I’m not waiting for someone to rescue me as long as I can rescue myself.

The water situation in West Virginia should be a wake-up call to all Americans, but are they paying attention? No. They. Aren’t.

When something like this happens in your area, will you be ready? How do you know it won’t happen where you live?

Please, for the sake of you, your family, and those around you, have enough stocks in place to sustain your for at least a week. We may not like it but we are all beholden to the government in some small way, find a way to live when the government cannot rescue you.

What would it take for you, just you, not your kids, not your spouse, just you, to live for a week with no running water, power, gas? It could happen.

Plan, prepare. It could happen.


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